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   יום עיון 

לע״נ לינדה פינסקי ע״ה

ט״ו באייר, תשפ״ד

Thursday, May 23rd 2024


Rav Chaim Pollock, 

Senior Consultant and Rosh Machal Emeritus,

Machal, Linda Pinsky School for Overseas Students

Remembering Linda ע״ה 

Mrs. Hindy Cohen and Mrs. Esther Zilkha

Linda's Aunts


Tehillim and the Tefilla for

Chayalei Tzahal and the Captives

Building a Home: Halacha is the Cornerstone

Rav Chaim Eisenstein,

Maggid Shiur, RIETS Israel Kollel

and Rav, Kehillas Mevakshei Emes

Chashivus HaTorah: What does it have to do with me?

Rav Dovid Schoonmaker,

Rosh Yeshiva, Shappel’s/Yeshivas Darchei Noam

Special Program: Turning Houses into Homes:

Living Lives of Simcha and Inspiration

Michlalah Staff

כי הם חיינו

Rav Chanoch Apfel, MD

Faculty, Machal, Linda Pinsky School for Overseas Students

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