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Copy of Dr Devorah

Dr. Rosenwasser, herself a graduate of Michlalah College, has been a member of the faculty since 1982. She holds a doctorate in education from the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education, where she also served on the faculty.  In addition, she has held faculty appointments at Yeshiva University and Touro College. Dr. Rosenwasser has been Rosh HaMichlalah since 2004 and lectures in Michlalah’s Tanach and Education Departments. As Rosh Machal, she teaches all of our students and has a personal relationship with them through her classes, individual meetings, and her home hospitality.

Dr. Devorah Rosenwasser
Rector of Michlalah & Rosh Machal 2015-Present
Rosh HaMichlalah & Rosh Machal 2004-2014


Mrs. Kermaier is a Machal alumna, has an undergraduate degree from Touro College, and a master’s degree in English Literature from Columbia University.  She has been involved in the realm of seminary administration for the past 26 years including curriculum planning and execution, faculty consultation, and student guidance.  Her husband has been a member of the Michlalah faculty for over 30 years.  She and her husband and children live in Yerushalayim.

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Mrs. Lisa Kermaier
Director of Machal

Heads of Departments

Copy of Mrs Avigail Teller.JPG
Mrs. Avigail Teller
Director of Academics

Originally from Teaneck, New Jersey, Mrs. Teller studied in Machal for two years. She then attended Azrieli Graduate School and received an MA in Jewish Education. Mrs.Teller began her teaching career in Ma'ayanot High School for Girls, and after making Aliyah in 2008, assumed a faculty position in Michlalah. In addition to her role as the Director of Academics, Mrs. Teller teaches a variety of courses on Machal. Mrs. Teller currently resides in the French Hill along with her husband and children.

Copy of Mrs Shoshie Ellman_edited.jpg
Mrs. Shoshie Ellman
Director of Logistics & Social Programming

Shoshie Ellman, a Machal alumna, received her BA in psychology from Thomas Edison State College. As a faculty member in Michlalah for over fourteen years, she is proud to have served as an integral part of Michlalah's campus staff and in various extracurricular programming and logistical positions. During the summers, she is the Director of Operations for NCSY Summer and the Camp Mom of NCSY Kollel. Shoshie lives in Bayit Vegan along with her husband and children.

Copy of Mrs Tehilla
Mrs. Tehilla Greenblatt
Head Rakezet & Student Coordinator

Tehila Greenblatt, a Machal alumna, is a graduate of Michlalah College and holds a master’s degree from Azrieli Graduate School. As a granddaughter of Michlalah’s founder, Rav Yehudah Copperman zt”l, she is proud to be part of the Michlalah faculty since 2000. In addition to her role as rakezet, she teaches Tanach courses and coordinates extracurricular educational programming, including yemei iyun and Shabbatonim around the country.

Senior Consultants

Copy of Rav Chaim Pollock_edited_edited.

Rav Pollock has been a central member of the faculty for over three decades. He served as Rosh Machal for 25 years (and Rosh HaMichlalah for 9 of those years), and currently shares his extensive experience and expertise as a senior consultant to Michlalah. In addition, he teaches Machal Bet and holds appointments in Michlalah’s prestigious Men’s Program (Tochnit Ra”mim).  He has semicha from Beis Midrash LaTorah and Rav Aharon Soloveichik zt”l and holds graduate degrees in educational administration, Hebrew literature, and pastoral counseling. He and his wife live in Bayit Vegan.

Rav Chaim Pollock
Senior Consultant, Rosh Machal Emeritus

Mrs. Yudin, a Machal alumna, was a mechanechet in SKA High School in NY for a number of years before making Aliyah in 2008 and joining the Machal faculty. In addition to the various courses she teaches, Mrs. Yudin offers individual guidance for past and present students, both on campus and via Michlalah’s alumnae counseling hotline. She is also the director of the popular summer program for girls, Michlelet NCSY. She and her husband, a member of the Michlalah faculty, and their children live in Ramat Beit Shemesh.

Mrs. Rivka Yudin
Senior Consultant, Student Advisor,
& Lecturer
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Mrs. Schoonmaker holds a B.Ed in Tanach and English from Michlalah College, a master’s degree in Jewish history from Touro College, and a pending doctorate in sociology from UKF in Slovakia. She has been a member of the Michlalah faculty for over 30 years. She counsels alumnae on the topics of shidduchim and marriage, and gives lectures and vaadim for women on topics of personal development in Israel and internationally. She resides in Yerushalayim with her husband, Rosh Yeshiva of Shapell’s/Yeshiva Darché Noam, and their children.

Mrs. Dina Schoonmaker
Senior Consultant, Lecturer


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Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 4.21.58 AM.png


Mrs Elana Glatt.JPG
Mrs. Elana Glatt
Coordinator of Chinuchi Programming,
Mrs. Tamara Pearl
Rakezet, Lecturer
Mrs. Miri Gherman
Mrs. Batya Markowitz
Shana Bet Rakezet, Lecturer
Copy of Mrs Leah Nusbacher_edited.jpg
Mrs. Leah Nusbacher
Rakezet Chessed


Copy of Rav Yaakov Altman.JPG
Copy of Rav Chanan Apfel_edited_edited.j
Copy of Rav Immanuel Bernstein_edited_ed
Copy of Mrs Suzanne Blachman_edited_edit
Copy of Rav Elimelech Copperman.JPG
Rav Dr. Chanan Apfel
Rav Yaakov Moshe Altman
Mr. Nachum Applbaum
Rav Immanuel Bernstein
Mrs. Suzanne Blachman
Rav Elimelech
Copy of Mrs Brocha David.JPG
Copy of Mrs Shifi Goldstein_edited_edite
Copy of Mrs Leah Hershman_edited_edited_
Mrs. Ariella Gofman
Mrs. Shifi Goldstein
Mrs. Leah Hershman
Mrs. Ayelet Gerszt
Mrs. Brocha David
Copy of Mrs Tali Ifrah.JPG
Copy of Mrs Sara Lanner.JPG
Copy of Rav Hadar Margolin_edited.jpg
Untitled design.png
Mrs. Tali Ifrah
Rav Benzion Kermaier
Rav Zev Leff
Rav Hadar Margolin
Mrs. Sara Lanner
Mrs. Tova Orenbuch
Rachel Pollack_edited.jpg
nosson rich.png
Copy of Mrs Rivka Saperstein_edited_edit
Copy of Rav Boruch Schechter.JPG
Mrs. Rivka Saperstein
Rav Baruch Schechter
Mrs. Rachel Pollak
Rav Nosson Rich
Copy of Mrs Bracha Sendic.JPG
Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 5.08.55 PM.png
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Copy of Rav Teller high res_edited.jpg
Copy of Mrs Batya Weinberg_edited_edited
Copy of Rav Andi Yudin.JPG
Rav Boruch Smith
Rav Hanoch Teller
Rav Andi Yudin
Mrs. Batya Weinberg
Mrs. Zahavah Sturm
Mrs. Bracha Sendic

student guidance

Copy of Mrs Sarri Nayman.JPG
Copy of Mrs Vivianne Willig.JPG
Mrs. Vivanne Willig
Social Worker
Mrs. Sarri Nayman
Director of
Student Guidance,
Social Worker
Mrs. Leah Kunstler
Guidance Counselor

Specialty staff

Untitled design.png
Copy of Mrs Nava Feigenbaum.JPG
Mrs. Shani Benovitz
Eim Bayit
Mrs. Nava Feigenbaum
Adjunct Shana Bet Rakezet
Mrs. Atara Eisenstein
Campus Staff
female placeholder.png
Miss Libby Josephs.JPG
Ms. Libby Josephs
Assistant Director
of Programming
Mrs. Rivka Hachen
Shabbos Set-Up Coordinator

Office staff

female placeholder.png
Copy of Mrs Sarit Tzoref_edited_edited.j
Mrs. Ita Schweitzer
Administrative Assistant
& Machal Secretary
Mrs. Sarit Tzoref
Administrative Assistant
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