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Dear Kallah, עמוש,

Mazal Tov to you and your Choson on your engagement!
Michlalah is proud to present a special Kallah service with Machal Graduate, Mrs. Shuli Pielet, an experienced Kallah teacher in ארץ ישראל for its alumni. This service is intended to supplement the “Kallah classes” that you take; it does not replace them.

Many Michlalah Kallahs have found the hadracha that they have received from Mrs. Pielet invaluable in preparing them for their wedding and married life. The Hanhala of Michlalah strongly encourages our alumni take advantage of this service.
The lessons, a total of three sessions, about one hour each, will be given one–on-one over the telephone.

This guidance has two sections:

Part I (One session)

Making the most of your Wedding Day (not necessary if you’ve heard Mrs. Pielet’s Machal Bet guest lecture).

Part II (Two sessions)

A Pre-wedding ‘kallah shmooze’ which will supplement your kallah classes, focusing specifically on the hashkafik and emotional dimensions of physical intimacy. There will be an opportunity to ask questions about שלום בית , communication, and other related topics.

The fee for this service is $150 (after subsidy from Michlalah).
If you already heard Part I in Michlalah you may choose to take only Part II for $100.

To register for this program, please click below to download the form and mail it with your payment to:
Linda Pinsky School For Overseas Students,
POB 16078, Jerusalem, Israel.

About 10 days after mailing the form, contact Mrs. Pielet directly at or (718) 907-3252 to coordinate the times for the lessons (if there is no answer, leave a message on the answering machine). Please contact Mrs. Pielet approximately eight weeks prior to your wedding.​

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