Machal in Color

Fall Semester

Negev Tiyul Day 3

Red Canyon, Ropes Park & underwater Observatory

January 21st

Negev Tiyul Day 2

Sunrise Hike, Separate Beach, Boat ride & Ice Mall

January 20th

Negev Tiyul Day 1

Tel Be'er Sheva, Machtesh Ramon & Night Activity

January 19th

Erev Shira V'Achva

Choir Competition

January 18th

Yom Iyun in Memory of

Rav Copperman Zt"l

January 16th

Farewell to Machal Bet

Dessert Reception

January 5th

Latke Making

with the Madrichot

December 29th

Chanukah Tiyul - Ein Gedi

December 29th

Chanukah Outing

December 26th

Chanukah Chagiga

December 23rd

"Look Up"

Technology Yom Iyun

December 23rd

First Night of Chanukah

December 22nd