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Linda Pinsky Memorial Yom Iyun 5784,

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We are proud to share: 

"Illuminating the Darkness-Michlalah's Chessed Endeavors"

an article published in The Jewish Press,

by Mrs. Leah Nusbacher with Mrs. Amy Dubitsky

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With students from all over the globe in its program, Machal provides a Torah-growth experience that focuses on personal commitment to a Torah life, through intensive Torah Study and the opportunity for guided mentoring from Machal’s superb staff.

Known for the quality of its faculty and students who come from over 30 high schools world-wide, and the advanced level of its learning program, thousands of students have been educated in Michlalah for over five decades.

If advanced learning beckons you, together with a desire to make your personal commitment to Torah through knowledge and understanding,

Machal is the place for you.

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MICHLALAh faculty

Top notch educators - Exemplary role models


The Machal experience

lasts a lifetime. 


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