Machal in Color

Hamentaschen Baking

Week of MArch 10th

Color War!

March 6th-7th

The Mystery of the Yom Iyun: Lifesize Michlalah Clue

February 28th

Tiyul: Chocolate Factory and Visit to Kever

February 17th

Kibbutz Lavi - Melave Malka

February 16th

Sports with Darchei Binah

February 14th

Codenames Tournament

February 7th

Find your Madrichot & Scavenger Hunt in the Mall

February 5th

Surprise Rakezet Breakfast

February 4th

Kosher Karaoke

january 31st

2nd Semester

Welcome Back Breakfast

january 27th

Erev Shira V'Achva

Kedma Choir Competition

january 26th

Eilat: Day 3

Ropes Park, Underwater Observatory, Red Canyon Hike 

january 22nd