Mrs. Shoshie Ellman
Eim Bayit, Program Coordinator
Mrs. Batya Markowitz
Shana Bet Rakezet, Lecturer
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ברוך דיין האמת


It is with great sorrow for Michlalah and for many of us personally, that we inform you of the passing of


Mr. Gerald Gedalia Pinsky Z”L

Benefactor of our Linda Pinsky School for Overseas Students (Machal) on 1 Iyar, 5779. 

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Incoming Machal 5780!

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Machal 5779 is off to an incredible start.


Monday, August 20th: New students began moving onto campus, and the group flight was greeted by staff upon their arrival at Ben Gurion airport. Following a delicious dinner in our Chadar Ochel, the students enjoyed an introduction to the Kotel from Rav Lubarsky, Director of Machal, and our mechanchim, Rav Cohen, Rav Ginsburg and Rav Rudman. The day came to a close with Machal 5779’s meaningful first visit to the Kotel.


Tuesday, August 21st: The day began with breakfast in the chadar ochel, followed by an Orientation with the administration and staff. The students met their Rakazot, who greeted them with food and an activity, and continued on to a tour of the campus with their Madrichot. After lunch, the students had a few more information sessions, and then visited the Michlalah book store to buy their seforim for the year. In the evening, the students enjoyed their first Dira Dinner of pizza and salad, as well as an activity with the Eim Bayit, Mrs. Shoshie Ellman and the Madrichot.


Wednesday, August 22nd: After breakfast, the students attended their first classes of the year. The students enjoyed optional schnitzel sandwich dinner and Challah baking for Shabbos.


Thursday, August 23rd: Following another day of classes, the students were hosted in their Rakazot’s homes for dinner and an activity.


Friday, August 24th: Most of Machal joined the first optional tiyul, a hike at Nachal Katlav, with our tour guide Mr. Nachum Applbaum. They received breakfast on-the-go and lunch after the hike. Those who chose not to join the tiyul enjoyed free time.


Shabbos, August 25th: The first Shabbat Machal will be hosted in Michlalah. All of the students will be joined by the Lubarsky, Yudin and Ellman families. We are looking forward to a great Shabbaton of divrei Torah from staff and students, shiurim, Friday night Oneg and Shabbos programming, and delicious food from our very own Mr. Baruch Fishheimer.


On Motzei Shabbos, each kvutza will be hosted in the homes of the mechanchim for a special Melave Malka.


We are looking ahead to an exciting and meaningful second week of Machal.

Good Shabbos.


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